Javed Akhtar: Not just ‘burqa’ but Rajasthani ‘ghunghat’ should also be banned in India


Indian lyricist Javed Akhtar has taken a jibe against Indian women wearing ghunghat offering his views on the recent burqa ban. 

He said that he is not against the enacting of law of banning burqa but if it’s done so then it will accompany with the similar action taken against the ghunghat system which is prevalent among women in Rajasthan.

According to reports, Javed Akhtar said:

“Covering face may be a problem when it comes to security. If burqa is banned then, ghunghat too should be taken into account. What is the need of burqa or ghunghat?”

The 74-year-old lyricist on Thursday, taking to his social media account, tweeted after he faced serious backlash from netizens on his advocating of the controversial ban:

“Some people are trying to distort my statement. I have said that may be in Sri Lanka it is done for security reasons but actually it is required for women empowerment. Covering the face should be stopped whether naqab or ghoonghat.

The burqa ban controversy started in India after opinion of Shiv sena’s mouthpiece Saamna urged Modi government to introduce ban on burqa by following footsteps of Sri Lanka to ban it on grounds of national security after the Easter church attacks which killed more than 250 people in the country on 21st April, 2019.


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